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In short: No one has time. But they want to be surrounded by the beauty of Nature. Which is why I am so excited about creating Green Walls for all types of applications. 100% maintenance free with all the beauty of Green and none of the fussing.
Green, because of its connection to Nature is an immediate mood enhancer. People who live in greener cities, or who surround themselves with Nature and in particular the colour green, report less incidence of anxiety, and lower rates of critical illness.
For those who must have living plants and only living plants, I also offer a variety of systems that allow small and large scale living gardens to thrive indoors year around.
Nothing is hotter right now than living Botanicals in the home. No wonder. They live longer than flowers and they are every bit as beautiful. When you combine my gardener’s understanding of what the plant wants to do with the training and eye of a florist beautiful things happen.
For more information, or for more photos and portfolio pieces, please visit The GREEN LOVE website . If you have a thought or an idea that involves a love of all things Green, please do not hesitate to be in touch.
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~ heidi